Curtain Tiebacks

As well as being functional fabric tiebacks add a touch of elegance to your curtains. If you'd prefer something less traditional have a look at metal holdbacks.

For fabric tiebacks my default style is Padded, Shaped & Piped as this is the style which sits well on all curtains. If you have something different in mind please email me.

Create your own tiebacks to complement your curtains using the step by step guide below:

Download a Quote Request Form for Fabric Tiebacks hereThis handy worksheet has been created to make it easy for you to fill in as you progress through the steps below. Save it on your device or print it out.

When you've finished simply save, scan or take an image of it and attach it, or transfer the information on it, when you request a quote at the bottom of this page. 

Step 1. Give your tiebacks a name/ID for future reference.

Step 2. Choose your main fabric

Step 3. Choose the fabric for the piping. If this is the same as the main fabric just write 'same'.

    If you already have your own, I'm more than happy to work with your fabric. On the Quote Request Form simply state “own” in the fabric column and give the width of your fabric and the size of the pattern repeat (if any) in the area for notes at the bottom of the form (email me if you need help with the pattern repeat).

    Step 4. Choose your size (this step is required for existing curtains only. If you're ordering new curtains from McKenzie House simply write 'to match curtains' for the appropriate window and I'll work out the correct size of the tiebacks). 

    Looking at the curtain for which you'd like a tieback, count the number of widths of fabric in that curtain and select the corresponding size as follows (NB. these are standard widths of fabric 135-150cm wide):

    Size 1

    1 width of fabric

    Size 2

    1.5 widths of fabric

    Size 3

    2 widths of fabric

    Size 4

    2.5 widths of fabric

    Size 5

    3 widths of fabric

    Size 6

    3.5 widths of fabric

    Size 7

    4 widths of fabric

    Step 5. Specify how many tiebacks you need.

    Step 6. Save your completed Quote Form and attach it or use it as a reference when you request a quote below.

    Got a question or special request? I'm happy to help!

    If you don't see the size or style you'd like in the options above please email me as most styles can be custom-made to your requirements.