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The excellent thermal properties of honeycomb blinds make them one of the best-insulating blinds on the market. The same properties which make them great for insulation also make them good for helping with noise reduction – great for busy urban streets.

When pulled right up the stack is relatively small compared with other types of blinds making them unobtrusive if you’re wanting a minimalist look.

They can be made with a top down/bottom up configuration - giving privacy across the bottom area of a window while allowing natural light to enter at the top. 

They can also span wide windows (up to 3.5m) with just one blind due to being lightweight.

Honeycomb blinds are available in a range of colours in both translucent and blockout fabrics. I choose to supply the single cell 10mm range from Windoware, made in NZ.

These blinds can be manually operated with a pull cord or they can be motorised.

To get a quote for honeycomb blinds follow the steps below.

Download a Quote Request Form for Honeycomb Blinds here. This handy worksheet has been created to make it easy for you to fill in as you progress through the steps below. Save it on your device or print it out.

When you've finished simply save, scan or take an image of it and attach it, or transfer the information on it, when you request a quote at the bottom of this page. 

Step 1. Give your window/s a name/ID for future reference.

Step 2. Decide whether you need translucent/light filtering or blockout fabric then choose your colour from the options in the following links:

Translucent/Light Filtering Fabrics

Allow a soft filtered light to enter the room during the day if the blind is down.

View the range

Blockout Fabrics

No light will enter a room through this fabric when the blind is down.

A small amount of light will escape around the side and bottom edges of the blind but the overall effect will be a darkened room.

View the range 

Step 3. 

Download measuring instructions for Honeycomb Blinds and measure your window/s

Step 4. Is your blind to fit on the inside or the outside of the window reveal (frame)?

Step 5. Specify whether you'd like a standard blind or a top down/bottom up one. 


The blind will rise and fall from the bottom up only - like any other standard blind.

Top down/bottom up

A versatile option for bedrooms, bathrooms and anywhere else that privacy is required on the lower part of a window.

Natural daylight can still enter the interior when the top of the blind is lowered during the day - or you can gaze at the moon and stars at night!

The blind can still be used as standard if desired.

Step 6.

Choose between cord-operated or motorised option. 

For an online quote the motorised option is for a battery-operated motor + 1 x single channel remote control + 1 x plug-in battery recharger. The battery will need to be recharged approximately once every 3-4 months depending on the amount of use.

An alternative solar panel for continuous charging is available for an additional $45 incl GST. 

The battery is lithium-ion and sits externally to the blind. It can usually be positioned invisibly behind the blind headrail. For this, a minimum window reveal depth of 80mm is required. It can also be fitted onto the wall next to the blind but you will need to find a way to conceal it - usually behind a curtain.

The minimum width for a motorised honeycomb blind is 600mm. 

Step 7. Do you want to add side channels?

When fitted inside the window reveal, aluminium side channels further increase the effectiveness of the blockout fabrics in terms of both insulation and light control. They also make operation of the blind even smoother because the sides of the blind run straight up and down within the channels.

They are available in white for an additional cost of $150 per metre of drop/height (e.g. a blind with a drop of 1.2m will cost $180). 

Other colours are available for $264 per metre (GST incl)..

Step 8. Choose the colour of the headrail and bottom rail. Please note these colours are for cord-operated option only. Motorised option is white headrail only. 


Off White



Step 9. Specify which side you'd like the cord pull or the motor end.

Step 10. Save your completed Quote Form and attach it or use it as a reference when you request a quote below.

Got a question?

Email me - I'm happy to help!