Timber Venetian Blinds

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Timber venetian blinds are timeless. They suit modern as well as traditional homes and offer both daytime and night-time privacy in the one window treatment.

Lighter in weight than PVC blinds, they are easier to raise and lower and are made from lightweight, sustainable Marupa timber. 

Available in a 50mm or 60mm slat option, the 60mm slats have become extremely popular in recent years because the gaps between the slats are greater so they let more light into a room when the slats are open and the view to the outside is clearer.

Both sizes come with a flat colour-matched timber fascia to cover the headrail.

They are available in a range of colours to suit any interior.

Use the easy-to-follow guide below to get a quote for your timber venetian blinds.

Download a Quote Request Form for Timber Venetian Blinds hereThis handy worksheet has been created to make it easy for you to fill in as you progress through the steps below. Save it on your device or print it out.

When you've finished simply save, scan or take an image of it and attach it, or transfer the information on it, when you request a quote at the bottom of this page. 

Step 1. Give your window/s a name/ID for future reference.

Step 2. Choose your slat size and colour

46mm Slats

Off White



50mm slats


Light Oak

Dark Oak


60mm slats


Off White



Step 3

Download this measuring guide then measure your windows

If you're in a hurry, once you've completed these two steps you can save your completed Quote Form and attach it or use it as a reference when you request a quote below. 

If you have more time and want to carry on designing your blinds you can keep working through steps 3-6 (you'll need to come back and do this anyway if you accept the quote). 

Step 4. Specify whether your blind is to be fitted on the inside or outside of your window frame. For outside fit make a note of where you have measured from as this will be where you will fit the blind.

Step 5. Choose your cord side

Step 6. Specify your cord length only if your blind is to be fitted at a height which is out of reach and you need the cord to be extra long. Otherwise specify 'standard' and we will choose the correct cord length for your blind

Step 7. Save your completed Quote Form and attach it or use it as a reference when you request a quote below.

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