Recessed/Flush Fit Tracks

Sleek and architectural, recessed tracks offer the ultimate unobtrusive finish to your curtains.

Various curtain styles can be hung on recessed tracks including the Wave style shown in the images below.

They can be bent around corners at an angle of anywhere between 180 and 90 degrees.

McKenzie House supplies Track Magic's Recessed Track and Vanda's Flush Fit Track. Both have a 13mm depth designed to be fitted into 13mm ceiling plasterboard.  For more information on the Vanda Flush Fit track download their brochure here.

Or watch Vanda's Flush Fit video here.

Vanda Flush Fit Track

Vanda Flush Fit Track bent around a 90 degree corner.

Points to consider with recessed tracks

If you choose a Wave style curtain to hang on your recessed track the top of the curtain will brush the track and ceiling when it is moved along. Most ceiling paint colours are a matt finish and can be slightly rough to touch after the final coat has been applied. If your curtain fabric is very delicate it is possible for the top of the fabric to fray. If your fabric is a dark dyed colour and the ceiling paint colour is a pure matt white you could get a transfer of the dye onto the paint where the curtain is brushing the ceiling.

If your home has a high stud height (2.7m plus) and you choose to bend a recessed track around a 90 degree bend on a long track (e.g, 4m), the curtains will be quite heavy to move around the bend (depending on fabric and lining chosen). To close the curtains you will need to move them around the bend in 3 stages - first by moving the leading edge of the curtain to just before the bend, then walking back to the main bulk of the curtain to pull another portion of it towards the corner and lastly by walking the leading edge around the bend which will also pull the rest of the curtain with it until it is entirely closed. The reverse is required to open the curtains.

Tracks that have been recently installed should have a liberal amount of good silicon spray applied into the track to assist with the slide of brand-new curtains.