Sliding Shutter Styles

Sliding panel shutters are a great way to cover large sliding doors, wardrobe openings or dividing spaces between rooms. They can be fitted inside the window/door reveal or face fitted onto the frame or wall.

Thermalite shutters are securely attached from a top fixing and assisted by a bottom track, making for a strong and secure operation. 

All tracking at the top is concealed behind a fascia board.

Side View of Sliding Shutter Panels 

This diagram shows a two-track system. Three tracks would create a deeper headboard to accommodate the third track.

Sliding panel shutters can be made to any configuration to suit your needs. Below are some of the most popular ones.

 Popular Sliding Panel Configurations

  • 2 Panel Slider
    One panel moves left and the other moves right.
  • 3 Panel Slider with 2 Tracks
    One panel stacks to the left and one panel stacks to the right. The remaining central panel can stack back wither way.
    Maximum clear opening is 1 panel width.
  • 3 Panel Slider with 3 Tracks
    Any of the panels can slide anywhere on the tracks.
    Maximum clear opening is 2 panel widths (if all the panels are stacked together).
  • 4 Panel Slider with Centre Opening
    Two central panels can slide left and right to create a two-panel width opening in the centre.
    Or two outer panels can slide into centre to create a single width opening at each end.
    Or panels can slide to create single width openings in an alternate pattern - eg. panel/opening/panel/opening.
  • 4 Panel Slider with Side Opening
    Both left hand panels are joined together to form one large panel as are both right hand panels.
    Either the left hand panels can slide right to create a double width opening on the left or the right hand panels can slide left to create a double width opening on the right.
    Double centre opening not possible.
  • 6 Panel Slider with 3 tracks
    Can be 6 single panels or 3 pairs joined together as in the diagram to form 3 larger panels.
    All 3 pairs can be stacked back to the same side to create an opening equal to 4 panels.


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